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The brown marmorated stink bug has been in the news lately. It can be a pest for any gardener or farmer, but it has exploded after the heavy rains and it is now more damaging to our landscaping than before and hurting crops on a large scale.

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They are both grayish-brown and about the same size. The easiest way is to look at the shoulders of the bugs. The good guy's shoulders are armed with multiple spikes. The pest bug has smooth shoulders. There are other differences, but this is a reliable general trait. The helpful spined soldier bug has armed shoulders but with only a single spine.

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Other beneficials have distinctive colors, spots and other markings. Rather than eating plants, they feed on insects, pest insects, in fact.

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You can identify it by its shoulder spines. You can identify it by the spines on its shoulders. Neem also works, but the quality of neem products varies greatly.

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The dry product, AzaSol, is the best. Orange oil should be used at 2 ounces per gallon of water or Garrett Juice. Use about a half cup of coffee grounds per gallon of water, but filter out the grounds after soaking to prevent clogging the sprayer.

Straight coffee grounds can be used on the soil around plants to repel several pests. Old coffee can also be used.

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Flying in the face of traditional wisdom that we live on the best coast comes a stinging new U. The coveted Best States ranking is part of an annual study that scores all 50 states on eight categories — health care, education, economy, opportunity, infrastructure, crime and corrections, fiscal stability and the most important of all for most of us, quality of life.

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  3. Wie entwickelte sich historisch gesehen die Zusammenarbeit in Strafsachen in den Mitgliedstaaten (German Edition).
  4. These Are The Worst Smells in The World, According to Science.
  5. Why DO some farts smell worse than others? A gastroenterologist explains | Daily Mail Online;

Sadly, Californians are in the pits by this life-quality metric, with the Golden State taking last place at No. Apparently sucking down acai and doing yoga no longer cuts it.

follow url We came in at No. The bottom line?

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The state performed well in terms of its economy, coming in at No. Of course, as anyone who has tried to buy a house in the Bay Area knows, fiscal instability is basically our motto at this point.

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  • And the winner of the best state in the nation goes to … wait for it … Iowa.