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Schivo d' amor!

Aria details:

Lucia D' amore avvampa! Che favelli? Oh, detto! M' ascolta. Lucia, forse — Nor. Dunque il rivide! Ogni alba! Enr, E dove? In quel viale. Io fremo!

S Through the ruins of yon gloomy tower. This dark myst'ry that round us doth lower, It concerncth our honor, to clear. As the lightning the stormcloud uprendeth, So asunder this veil we will tear. Thou seemest troubled? And 'tis with reason ; Thou knowest that of my destiny Darkly the star declineth : This hated Edgard, to my race Bearing enmity deep and deadly, From his rockbound tower laughing To scorn my vows of vengeance, doth brave me!

One hand alone can prop my falling fortune!

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There is but one thing now can save me. Yet Lue; To Arthur still her hand refuseth! A sorrowing Maiden, who mourns o'er the tomb of a parent, A dear lov'd mother, say how canst thou suppose She'll yet think of marriage?

Aria details:

Ah, respect that hear Which, enslaved of grief, dreams not of love. Dreams not of love? Thou'rt fearfully mistaken. What sayest thou? I tremble. But hearken. Lucy some few weeks since Was walking home alone thro' the park. As near her mother's tomb she was passing, Furious a bull pursued her : Death at that time seem'd certain, When thro' the still air came the short, sharp ring Of a rifle ; the ball sped truly ; The bull fell lifeless.

And who was he that saved her? One who in mystery still himself enshroudeth. And think'st thou Lucy — Nor. She loves him! Then they have met since? Fach morning. Say where? By yonder fountain. Hen I tremble ; Dost know the vile seducer's name? Enr Ah, pai la! Sor E tuo nemico! Rai Oh, Ciel!

Parla con Milva Intervista Maria Rosaria Selo

Noi Tu lo detesti! That 'tis an enemy!

Oh heav'n! One thou detoefeftt Hen. Say whom thou meanest. Is't Edgar? My blood congealed with rage doth freeze, And stagnant stands each vein, ah! Pietoso al tuo decoro, Io fu con te crudel! La tua clemenza imploro! Tu lo smentisci, o Ciel! Odi tu? Oh, giorno! Como venti da stanchezza Dopo lungo errare intorno, Noi posammo della torre Nel vesti bole cadente. Qual s' appella un falconiero Ne apprendeva qual s'appella. Heav'n, calm his angry feeling, This fury now restrain! Thy suspicions are now conftrro'd.

Manual Waltz for Beginners (Ballroom for Beginners Book 2)

Dost thou hear? Proceed ye! Oh dark hour! Long we wander'd o'sr the mountain, Scarch'd each cleft around the fountain, Dale and hill, and vale and bower, 'Till we reach'd the ruin'd tower. There we saw a man who silently strode From out the portal ; mounting Straight his steed, he rapidly rode Down yonder valley, at a bound The torrent clearing, Then like lightning disappearing.

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From a falconer passing near us We th' intruder's name demanded. E quale? Ah no, non credere! No, no! W odi 1 Enr.

Come va il tuo dolore? (Italian Edition)

I Hen. Who was it? Ah, vengeance! What deadly fury fir 3 mo Tli us to brave me doth he dare! Ah, not believe it yet — Suspend your anger — Lucy — Hen.

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Hear me! I'll hear no more! For the wrongs this man hath wrought me, Nought but his blood can re - pay! Nought, nought but. Sf I He thy foe can ne'er escape thee, I Cho. J Let that thought thy rage allay. O'er thy house dark clouds do lower [Partono. On this inausoicious dm'. Ancor non giunse! Incanta a che mi traggi?