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When you fall asleep, you dream. And if we believe that paranormal experiences happen to us in an altered state of consciousnesss, when are they most likely to happen except for the altered state that we naturally go into every single night? What if someone can communicate with us, or even join us?

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They can paralyze you as well as energize you. Then I went to work at nothing for what seemed like forever.

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Dreams have this way with me, moving too fast. Dreams have this way with of outreaching my grasp. Only a little more than two decades after suffering defeat in the previous most devastating war of all time, the German people were compelled to lose another generation of young men in war as well as slaughtering millions of innocents in the Holocaust, all seduced by the racial ideology of Adolf Hitler.

Later generations had the Wolfenstein video games which provide an alternate reality of Nazism and occult research to create an undefeatable soldier.

In the comics, we got Hellboy , who was born in a Nazi ritual designed to bring about the end of the world. The Holocaust was not a supernatural Final Solution, it was a very human answer. It was mass murder meets the assembly line and perfected with German engineering. But what are the underpinnings that enable otherwise normal human beings to be able to commit atrocities?

Hitler weaponized belief like a Crusade and set fire to a continent. Mythology means something and it can unify a people. Science of the early 20th Century was constantly finding ways to justity horrible behavior based on racial identity, there was a resurgence of Spiritualism at the same time particularly after all of the corpses created during the First World War , and the German people were in need of a morale boost after a devastating loss. The seeds of the Master Race were already planted, but Hitler cultivated it and provided a path to destiny for the Third Reich.

He gave a nation of millions something to believe in. The occult was a tool in the Nazi playbook to inspire and manipulate the German people. Did they conduct demonic rituals to summon a Hellboy-style monster to destroy the world? Probably not. Did spreading the myth of an empire destined to last a thousand years while reinforcing the idea that they are genetically superior help inspire a tired people sick of war to attack their neighbors?

The Nazis were propaganda experts, and when you seek world domination would the spiritual be any less immune to manipulation than the political? Are you defined by your DNA? Are we delineated by who our parents are? When I was 17, I was friends with a group of ethnically Croatian soccer players and they were proud of starting fights with the ethnically Serbian teams. This was in Wisconsin. Almost all these kids were born in Milwaukee.

But they kept their ancestral hatreds alive. Last time we spoke with Dr. Instead of just searching for physical evidence in paranormal experiences, he factors everything in from the culture of the experiencer to the history of the surroundings to try and get a deeper understanding of the phenomena. So why is it so hard to prove it? Those words say that metaphysical phenomena is something outside of normal experience. In our interview with J. We are part of the land as much as a tree and as much as a bird and they have a spirit or an energy that we can connect with.

The Wolf Within (Purgatory #1) by Cynthia Eden

When we do that, we become observers instead of participants. And being a participant seems to be essential in having a paranormal experience. Okay, so in this belief system does that mean that rocks have souls? Well, maybe not like humans, but sure, they have their own type of souls. Their own type of energy and it interacts with all the other energies around it and the system itself becomes its own entity. Whistler Film Festival.

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With incredible strength, he is able to swim and drag man after man to safety until a shark swims directly at him and begins ravaging the arm of the man he is saving. Two of the crewmen were lost to the dark water or sharks, but he is able to save three before he loses consciousness from blood loss.

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Chapter 14 - Dorian awakens in the captain's quarters to find he is being hailed as a hero and has been promoted to the rank of midshipman. His wounds have healed without their full extent being known. Chapter 15 - A healed Dorian is relieved when the ships safely reach China. The British have control of Hong Kong and are using the city as a staging point for their pending invasion of Canton.

All men are needed for the invasion against the heavily fortified Chinese city and Dorian is deemed enough recovered for combat. He and Lord Crawley will join the invasion under the command of Lieutenant Tailmage. The British and French troops are incredibly outnumbered with their 10, troops against the city population of nearly a million.

They will rely on their superior firepower to bombard the city.

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That night, the moon is full and visibility is low due to a thick fog. Lord Crawley is assigned to a later watch and is asleep when he is awakened to the screaming of the men on watch as the platoon is attacked. He sounds the alarm and organizes the soldiers around him into a tight defensive unit. They fire as one at the source of the attack and drive the attack back. Lord Crawley hears inhuman noises and growling and is able to make out a large form running away from the gunfire and towards the Chinese city.

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The English and French artillery respond to the attack and begin shelling the city. The next morning Viceroy Ye Mingchen surrenders the city of Canton. The citizens are fearful of the English and French troops which have suffered minor losses compared to the carnage inside the City walls. The mortars conceal some of the damage but survivors tell of a great beast moving through the Chinese troops like a dragon from hell. Chapter 17 - The night of the full moon a very sober Lady Helena watches as the painting of Dorian Gray transforms into a hideous werewolf.

This time there can be no mistake. The next day she scours the headlines and her worst fears are confirmed by the lack of murders in London during this full moon. Her thoughts turn to Lord Crawley in China and she writes him an urgent message encrypted with a cipher known only to the two. Chapter 18 - Lord Crawley fears Dorian has been killed when he is not found among the survivors for he was scheduled for the first watch.